September 11, 2016


You’re passionate about your business.

You’re extremely excited that you “get” to do what you love. And you’re doing it! You hear in your head…do what you love and the money will follow.


What the hell? It’s like the cash missed the memo…your bank account is about to testify against you in court because you promised it that it’d never be empty again. Your friends and family are asking why you aren’t going back to your “regular job with its regular paycheck.” And the truth is, you’ve thought about it. I understand where you are. I’ve been there too.

tenacious-chicI’m Theresa Rae Gay, Tenacious Chic.

I’m tenacious about you making money and staying in a business that you love. I’m an expert at looking at your processes and exposing the minor tweaks that are the difference between making small changes and earning big profit.

Success = Passion + Process + Profit. Putting the Ps together correctly is like sending a limo to collect your cash.

We all love doing what we’re inspired to do, but unless it also makes money, it’s just a hobby. Hobbies don’t pay the bills or your employees. Hobbies don’t allow you to do the other things you love.

I’m tenacious about helping you find better ways to make more money in your existing business, spend more time doing the parts that make your heart sing and less time doing the parts of owning a business that we loathe.

I’m tenacious about helping you with new ways to do what needs to be done to rake in the cash. Things like business processes and marketing in today’s technology-filled world. My 30+ years in small businesses, not-for-profit businesses and huge corporations plus my MBA have taught me what it takes to help you make the big bucks that you so deserve.

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I’m tenacious about you. You inspire me. Your success drives me. Your knowledge and experience teaches me. So grab a cup of caffeine and let’s improve your profit. Put your bank account on notice. You’re with the Tenacious Chic now.

High Fives,

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